Expansion of the transport services market
Logistics operators carry out hundreds of deliveries in different cities and countries every day. Successful businesses in this area, as in any other, are expanding over time. However, the provision of transportation services in areas with low population density is not profitable for large transportation companies. The smaller transportation companies strongly depend on the larger ones. Given opportunities only for small cargo delivery over short distances, a small transportation company cannot deliver cargo in the areas where large transportation companies don't provide transport lines.

Thus, transportation services do not cover territories with low demand for such services. Nevertheless, in these territories people experience the need for transportation. Moreover, they could provide cargo transportation services becoming individual occasional carriers.

Let's call the transport services market in sparsely populated areas a "sleeping" market. Neither large nor small cargo transportation business can "wake up" this market. Our team proposes to solve this problem by creating the Capillar.io platform, enabling everybody to declare his ability to transport some cargo in certain direction. Such a person is not a "business". However, this person with his unpredictable transportation capabilities forms the "capillary", which reaches the least accessible territories, providing the cargo transportation business with additional cargo volumes and potential deals.

Such expansion of the transportation services market requires all participants to have equal opportunities for participation in supply chains. Capillar.io platform establishes this equality of opportunities.
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